Called to a Public Inquiry? Have an audit and start putting it right immediately.

A Midlands based PSV operator who was facing a Public Inquiry called us in on the recommendation of his legal team to complete an audit on the Transport Operation.

The problems for this operator surround poor maintenance practices, lack of Driver Daily Inspections, an over reliance of pieces of technology to do the job and a lack of proof of what he was doing well had actually been done.

Following a full audit of the operation we were able to supply him with a comprehensive action plan to start working through to put right the many issues that surrounded the operation.

Using our Transport Compliance System, the operator can work through the audit to build up an accurate picture of the Operation, what is going well, what needs improvement, training that has taken place as well as the Plan for the next 6 - 12 months.

This operator has now changed maintenance provider, as his previous one could not meet his new standards. He has recruited a lead driver to help mentor the drivers in best practice. The DDI's are now being carried out correctly, he monitors this and can prove it. Two drivers who didn't like being trained and made accountable for the quality of their Driver Daily Inspection decided to leave and although there is still a long way to go for this operator there is now signs of improvement and permanent change.

by Paul Evanson

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