Paperwork old and out of date? It could call you to a Public Inquiry.

Paperwork old and out of date? It could call you to a Public Inquiry.

In a recent case that resulted in a Public Inquiry in Eastbourne we were asked to carry out an audit on the companies transport operation and then. as we always do, provide our recommendations to improve it.

As the result of a very long day we produced our detailed report. Within that we found that the companies maintenance provider was failing to support them properly as they were using paperwork that was twenty (Yes 20) years old. This meant that 13 items relating to vehicle safety that they were paying to have checked were not being done. 13 items relating to the safe working of that vehicle that were paid for and not done for years.

This also helped to explain the companies very poor MOT pass rate. Simply if something isn't being checked how can you repair or adjust it when it fails?

When we challenged the maintenance company they were surprised. Their response was 'No one else has complained'. Not what you would ither expect or want from someone you are trusting the safety of your staff and other road users in. How many other operators are they doing that to?

As a resut we have now helped the client find a maintenance provider that uses the right forms and carries out the right checks in the right way.

Is your maintenance provider using the right forms and carrying out everything you ask and pay for? Would you know what to look for?

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by Paul Evanson

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