When Actions speak louder than words

Have you been stopped by the DVSA? Have they asked you or your drivers questions and told you that they will be back in touch?

Do you then do nothing and hope it will go away or do you not know what to do?

Help is at hand.

We have come across all of the above over the last few weeks, months and also years.

With one recent case, an Operator waited until the call up letter from the Traffic Commissioner arrived before they called us. This then gave us only 10 days to help the defence team to build a case and start to put things right. The Operator was heavily criticised by the Traffic Commissioner because the first time that they were stopped and infringements found was over 8 months previous. The Operator had a very hard time convincing the Traffic Comissioner that the company was serious about being a Compliant Operator who could be trusted.

A second Operator was referred to us on the day the DVSA contacted them to arrange an interview and site visit. We were onsite within 48 working hours and before the DVSA. As a result of an audit and a compliance plan, (which we started the client on and trained them how to carry it out and they actioned immediately) the DVSA saw how quickly they had taken the correct action and they received only a written warning with no further action being taken.

The only difference between both of these cases was simply TIME and the Correct Action.

If you want to take the Correct Action at the Right Time call AS Miles Consulting Ltd. today on 01455 389053 or Email helpme@asmilesconsulting.com

by Paul Evanson

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