How to keep your Operator Licence at a Public Inquiry

How to keep your Operator Licence at a Public Inquiry or Why finger pointing and blame don't work.

So far in 2017 alone we have been to numerous Public Inquiries across the country.

Some have been with companies in the passenger carrying sector and some in the freight carrying sector but all have one thing in common.

'They are in a Pulic Inquiry in front of a Traffic Commissioner and they face the possibility of Regulatory Action.'

All too often we hear Directors tell us the following:

  • I thought he/she was doing that (finger pointing)
  • No one told me so I thought everything was OK
  • I can't do it all you know, I'm busy!
  • I have other businesses to run
  • Oh I never read the application for the Licence I just signed it

And our personal favourite at the moment:

  • I HOPED he'd get it right eventually. (The fact that we were in a PI suggested that was not a good strategy).

Now this is bad enough some months prior to a Public Inquiry but some people just will not admit that there is a problem and something needs to be done. They just want to point fingers at everyone else.

Once you accept that there is a problem and that action needs to be taken the sooner we can help you to get your operation in order and your legal team to build your defence.

Traffic Commissioners understand that people can sometimes 'drop the ball' or get it wrong, but blaming everyone else when you are the Owner/Director just won't cut it.

Also read our article on the difference between no action and speedy action:

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by Paul Evanson

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