Why Honesty is the best policy BEFORE you go to a Public Inquiry

When an Operator receives either a DVSA visit or calling in papers they are usually worried and that is normal.

Now do you want to make this easy or hard? That is the question.

Our aim is to take you through this process as smoothly as possible, to cause you as little embarrassment as possible and help you ensure that when it is all over you never end up back in front of the Traffic Commissioner or the DVSA again.

How can you help?


We are all experienced ex Drivers / Police Officers / Transport Managers and Human Beings. We have kids, been married, divorced, dumped, had jobs we love, jobs we hate, passed exams, failed exams, been told off etc....and still here to tell the tale.

Why should I tell you?

In a recent case in front of a very experienced Traffic Commissioner, with a very experienced and respected Barrister, after a number of meetings, an Audit and a lot of work preparing the case we sat down to go through what everyone taking part expected to be a half day case. Done by lunch in other words.

It soon became very obvious that all was not well. The client, who had given us all very straight forward answers became very 'evasive' with the Traffic Commissioner.

Lunchtime came and went and we were still at it. We were heading for Team Time when suddenly out of the blue a comment from the Public Gallery stopped the whole proceedings.

If our client had told us this fact from the beginning a number of things would have happened.

  • The case would have been handled in a different way by the Barrister.
  • The Hearing would have been handled in a different way by the Traffic Commissioner.
  • The very full Public Gallery would have been cleared at certain points to ensure personal details were not disclosed.
  • It explained why certain things had happened.
  • It would have helped us give more help earlier in the correct way to the client. (To see about doing the right thing go to https://asmilesconsulting.com/news/2017-04-21-when-actions-speak-louder-than-words ).
  • It helped us to understand how to help them going forward.
  • The hearing that was now into its' 8th hour would have only taken a couple of hours.
  • The client was almost at the point of losing the Operator Licence if this fact had not been divulged to the Traffic Commissioner.

So we are here to help. We will even ensure any issues, be they medical, physical, mental or down to personal confidence are dealt with in the right way to the right people so you are not embarrassed.

If you want to have A Licence instead of No Licence call AS Miles Consulting Ltd. today on 01455 389053 or email helpme@asmilesconsulting.com 

by Paul Evanson

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