Not All Transport Consultants Are Equal

Are you getting what you pay for with transport advice and consultancy?

Our experience with some of our new clients and recent enquires is NO people are not!

Poor advice that they have had from other Consultants is:-

  • Stick local and the DVSA will never stop you (Wrong as the client found out).
  • Plan your route away from the DVSA fixed sites (They have their own vehicles and move around too, as a new client found out).
  • 8 hours a month is enough time to look after 26 vehicles as a Transport Manager (It isn't even close to the time needed).
  • You can let your friend use the space on your licence (If you do you'll lose yours).
  • You can take 3 x 1 minute breaks (that changed years ago).
  • Only the driver gets done for vehicle problems (wrong yet again).
  • A clean audit says the company was fully compliant (They weren't and nearly lost their Licence at a Public Inquiry 6 weeks later. We found 18 issues when we did our audit).

When choosing a Transport Consultant make sure:

  • They are experienced in the Industry? (We have over 100 years experience in Transport).
  • Are they qualified? (Yes we are all at least Chartered Members of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, and CPC qualified in Freight and Passenger Operations).
  • How much training do they do to keep themselves up to date? (30 days per year EACH Consultant).
  • Are they members of Industry bodies? (Yes, FTA, CPT, CILT, IRTE to mention but a few).
  • Are they full time professionals or part timers? (Full time 24 / 7 / 365).
  • Are the Auditors trained to ISO standards in auditing? (Yes).
  • Are they experienced in attending Public Inquiries and being able to support you if you end up in one? (Yes we attend PI's all around the country on a regular basis).

So when choosing a Transport Consultant make sure they can answer the above questions and make sure you are getting what you pay for.

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by Paul Evanson

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