Gate Checks On Drivers

Overnight in a Northern location to carry out a surprise set of Gate Checks on Drivers.

Having had a great day out seeing a new client I am now holed up in a hotel near to a clients depot, one of over 40 they have across the country.

Tomorrow and 'Before Breakfast O'clock' I will be carrying out spot checks on the Morning shift to check the quality of the DDI's.

This will be interesting as I will have used skills gained in the Police to sit up and oberve them first. So I'll know the answer before they give me any answers.

The two questions I will ask them will be:

  • 'Who is your Transport Manager?'
  • and 'When did they last carry out a gate check like this?'

What would the answer be if I was doing this at one of your locations?

Wouild you be confident in the outcome? If not why are you not doing these now?

Andy Miles, FCILT, MInstCPD.

Transport Professional helping Freight and Passenger operations to be Safe, Compliant and Profitable.

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by Paul Evanson

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