Why should you trust your Maintenance provider?

We have a case at present with a Transport Firm. They have had the same Maintenance provider for over 5 years. Whilst carrying out an Audit and on seeing the state of the PMI paperwork, and the general lack of defects and detail it gave me some concerns.

I requested the Client send the vehicles to another provider for a second opinion. They took the vehicles from the first PMI provider directly to the second PMI provider. The results that they received back were truly frightening. The first provider had failed to spot 17 items, 5 of which would have attracted a PG 9 at the roadside. This included:-

  • Worn Track rod ends
  • Brake Caliper issues
  • A wheel bearing on the verge of failure
  • Insecure headboard

This was 5 years of poor maintenance, 5 years of No Brake Test apart from MOT, 5 years of potential for a dangerous vehicle to be on the road and their O licence at risk, unknowingly. The provider who gave a second opinion now has a new client who, ironically, is going to spend a lot of money with him to get the vehicles to a standard that they always wanted and thought they were paying for.

If the PMI report looks too good to be true it might be because it is. It's well worth putting a vehicle once a year to another supplier to sense check the other provider. 

This is also well received by the DVSA and the Traffic Commissioners as it shows you are checking the checker.

Alternatively you can have a Maintenance Provider Audit to ensure that they are suitably equipped to carry out the work they are charging you for and to the correct standards.

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by Paul Evanson

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