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Operator Licensing Undertakings

Continuing our ongoing look at the operator licensing undertaking, and how best to ensure that you are complying fully with these undertakings.

This month we are looking at "The rules on drivers' hours and tachographs are observed, proper records are kept and that these are made available on request;"

We will start by looking at Analysis

  1. Do you take a contract with a Tachograph Analysis Company or do you buy
  2. Software for your PC? Or if you run with analogue tachographs do you
  3. Check them in house?

Digital tachographs; when do you download the drivers card and the VU, do you stick to the recommend maximums? If you run your reports without the VU data, then they will need to be run again when this data is present. If you don't then you will not see the full picture of what the vehicle and drivers records.

Infringement letters; Please don't just leave these out for your drivers to sign and return. Best Practise is to sit down with your driver(s) and discuss what has gone wrong, why do they have the infringement(s).

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We are really pleased to announce that following our annual audit AS Miles Consulting Limited has received recertification to ISO 9001:2015.

Office of the Traffic Commissioner

Do you know what you need to notify?

You've got formal, legal obligations to tell your Traffic Commissioner about changes that affect your O licence.

Your licence to operate commercial vehicles is given to you on trust. By signing up to the licence promises, you make a commitment to your Traffic Commissioner to comply. As a responsible operator, you'll be aware of the undertakings and conditions that you agreed to. But it's always useful to get a reminder about what you need to tell the Traffic Commissioner about and when you need to do it.

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We also cover 2 further items:

  • Welsh Government launches consultation on clean air zones.
  • Hackney Council are appyling through a Local Road Traffic Order (RTO) to implement a ULEZ on around 8 streets in the central part of Hackney.

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by Paul Evanson

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