When is A PMI (Safety Inspection) Not A PMI (Safety Inspection)?

Now for all those operators who pay for a PMI they may now be thinking 'Well this doesn't apply to me'.

Well Think Again.

It is only a week since we went to see a company who has been paying for PMI's for 4 years to their local well known provider.

On checking the paperwork we were able to tell them that although they were paying an appropriate fee for this work, they were not getting their monies worth and hence their Operator Licence could be at risk.

The problems included:-

  • Paperwork was 9 years out of date.
  • No brake testing was taking place except at MOT.
  • Numerous fields were not being completed including - Tread Depths, Typre Pressures, Brake Pad wear.
  • there was, and this was the final nail, no declaration of roadworthiness that was signed off by a competent person.

On top of this the person carrying out the work was not qualified to work on Large Vehicles, having been trained on motorcycles in the 70's.

We are finding far too often these types of isses.

To be told by the provider that 'No one else complains', is not a defence but in fact a worry that 'No one else knows this is wrong then?'

If you want to know if your PMI is a PMI and not a liability please call AS Miles Consulting Ltd. on 01455 389053 or Email helpme@asmilesconsulting.com


by Paul Evanson

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