Why you should get serious when the Traffic Commissioner sends you a Calling In Letter

When you receive the Traffic Commissioners calling in letter you really do need to get serious and take action.

AS Miles Consulting were called in by a new client to help them with only 3 weeks to go before the Public Inquiry.

This was a pity because the incident that had triggered the call to Public Inquiry had happened some 7 months before.

May 2019

One of the operators vehicles is stopped as part of a routine DVSA roadside check.

The DVSA find a number of issues relating to the driver and the vehicle.

An S Mark Prohibition (PG9) is issued.











July 2019

The DVSA make a site visit on the back on the Roadside check and go through the operators compliance systems.

The DVSA completed their report and were not happy with some of the issues that they found.

They decided that due to the score the operator should be referred to the Traffic Commissioner for consideration of the action to take.

October 2019

The operator is called to Public Inquiry.

Very late October A S Miles get a phone call to see if we could help

November 2019

After some visits we were able to establish Compliance Systems, ensure that the directors were trained correctly and that the drivers had had support and training on what they should be doing too.

The Public Inquiry

The Traffic commissioner was quick to point out that although they were pleased that the Operator had taken advice, training and action prior to the Public Inquiry, they were concerned that it had taken so long since the original incident.

This meant that the operator had continued for over 6 months from when the DVSA had originally stopped the vehicle and found issues right up to early November without making any changes and improvements.

They could have called us in in May after the PG9 - they didn't They could have called us in in July after the DVSA visit - they didn't They could have called us in before the Public Inquiry call in letter arrived - they didn't

That was 3 lost opportunities to get ahead of the problem

What you should do if you get stopped and issued with a PG9

Read the paperwork and understand exactly what it is telling.

Give A S Miles Consulting a call on 01455 389053, we can then give you the best advice on what to do next.

Have an no obligation meeting with one of our consultants - the cost is usually around 1 - 2 mugs of Tea or Coffee, a chocolate biscuit goes down well too.

Then take action. Massive action to put right any issues with your current system.

Monitor what you have done and record it all.

If the DVSA decide to pop round for a visit that is great. They have to tell the truth and report what they find.

If what they find is that you were not very good but you have now done something about it and are good, then that is what they will report.

Equally it will not necessarily stop you being call to Public Inquiry, but it may well be the difference between a small curtailment for a few weeks and a revocation of your Operators Licence and a loss of the business.

Or better still why not be proactive and BEFORE the DVSA stops you get a Compliance Health check,

Call in confidence today on 01455 389053 or email andy@asmilesconsulting.com

Kind Regards


by Paul Evanson

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