COVID 19 - We are still here for you

During this challenging time there is a lot of concern, rumour and misinformation floating around the Transport industry and what operators should do.

We are Open from Home

During this time we are remaining open. We are available from home and will be responding to all calls and emails to give the right advice.  

Don’t Panic – Get in touch

That has to be the first advice.

We are available to provide the correct advice from the latest Government announcements, best practice, Senior Traffic Commissioner announcements etc.

There have been a number of announcements from the Authorities in relation to the relaxation to Drivers hours, maintenance and MOT issues.

These are all well and good but Operators MUST ensure they can explain at some date in the future why either their drivers or they made the decisions that they made.

The old adage that ‘Documentation beats Conversation’ is more true now than ever before.

For help on this please email:

Training – Driver CPC

We are now able to provide Driver CPC Training via a video conferencing link.

This is being tested for bugs at the moment and will be available to roll out between 26th May and the 12th June.

For training after the 12th June we will need to update you as this situation continues to develop

For more details on this and to book at training please email:

For any other issues, forthcoming Public Inquiry, Audits or other training needs please feel free to contact us at

by Paul Evanson

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