Fleet Transport Consultants

Ensure a Company and its Transport Operation is Safe, Compliant & Profitable

By ensuring that your operation is in the best of health you will ensure: compliance, increase staff retention, better service from your service providers, control your costs better and reduce your stress levels - all of which in turn leads to a safer operation that is legally compliant and has increased profitability.

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What we Do for you

  • Public Inquiry

    Getting a 'Call in' letter from the Traffic Commissioners Office can occur for a number of reasons.

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  • Regulatory Compliance.

    When an Operator applies for an Operator’s License they sign an agreement that they will comply with a wide range of regulations and that they understand that failure to do so will lead them open to prosecution.

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  • Other services.

    In addition to the above we are also able to provide other services to help support your Operation and protect your Licence.

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Case Studies

How We Helped 2

A Plant Hire and Sales Company in the Midlands that operates Nationwide as well as Exporting Globally held a Restricted Licence. The owner trusted the drivers to look after the vehicles and provided accounts at various locations to allow this to happen.

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How We Helped 1

A Manufacturing company in the West Midlands employing around 100 people with a Transport Operation used to deliver product direct to wholesalers nationwide. The transport operation, which employed 12 of the staff, was a vital part of the companies offering as they could take an order, manufacture it and ensure flexible delivery in 48 hours if necessary.

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be Safe, Compliant & Profitable

Let us help you tackle these and other challenges you face.