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Embedded into all our consultancy service is the question of how can we make this operation safer, more compliant and more profitable. These three aims are strongly intertwined; we rarely improve one but not the others.

We have worked with many O licence holders across various industries, across the UK as well as Europe, analysing all aspects of the business from the structure of the warehouses, the communication lines that exist from the board/director level to management to drivers or to the sales team for example.

We do this by observing the day-to-day operations, analysing the effectiveness and vulnerabilities of the current processes and gaining insight from those of you within the business that know the activities better than anyone. By balancing the strengths, opportunities and risks, we look to devise an improvement project plan striving toward increased process efficiency and suitability so that you are achieving the best possible outcomes without waste.

We work with operations to implement and sustain these improvements, as well as regularly reviewing the progress to ensure the project is on track and the plan remains suitable. We may use auditing and other analysis tools to review the current business position, and we may us training and mentoring and policy or process development to implement and sustain the changes we recommend.

Business and process improvement helps to build strength and resilience into your operation, supporting business growth and driving it into the future. We hope to support operations in adopting a culture towards continuous improvement.

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