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DVSA Investigation

There are various types of DVSA investigation, and many reasons why these may be conducted. Whether you’ve received a Section 99ZA, a desk-based assessment questionnaire, been requested at a DVSA interview or are going to have a DVSA site visit (MIVR/TEVR), it is important you act quickly to prepare and respond.

Frequently, we have seen operations called to Public Inquiry or Preliminary Hearing as a result of findings from a DVSA investigation, especially desk-based assessments. Often, we find that some of the noncompliance identified by the DVSA was in part due to the operator not understanding what evidence the DVSA needed to see. Seeking advice before, or during, the investigation may help you prevent this. It is also likely to support you if you are still called to Public Inquiry or Preliminary Hearing.

How Can We Help?

Help you to gather all the requested and relevant evidence. We can guide you on how much evidence may be required, so you don’t miss any important, useful information.

Review your O licence compliance so you can begin to make any improvements as soon as possible, not wait for the DVSA to tell you to. If you are called to Public Inquiry, the earlier you make improvements – the more proactive you are – the greater chance you have to achieve a more favourable outcome.

Help you plan ahead. By preparing for the possible outcomes, you will be ready regardless of whether these are taken or not so there are no nasty surprises. That way you can minimise the impact of, and ensure you comply fully with, any actions taken.

Support you in beginning your improvement project. If new systems, policies or procedures are needed, we can help you to identify this and implement more suitable systems quickly and smoothly. We can train all members of your team to assist with the roll out so that if the DVSA or Traffic Commissioners conduct any further enquiries, you can show significant improvements have already been achieved.

Our ultimate focus will always be on making sure that you are safe, compliant and profitable. Our recommendations will look to support you thoroughly both in your current position and in the future to remain safe, compliant and profitable.

Compliance System Set Up

Find out more about how we can help you to implement new and improved compliance management systems. These will help you to improve your compliance, evidence your activities and actively identify areas for improvement. You can’t always stop things going wrong, but you can reduce the likelihood of noncompliance, identify it as soon as possible and action it quickly.

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