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When you signed for your O Licence, you agreed to 11 undertaking.

One of which was to manage driver hours in time with regis as part of this, you must not only download vu’s driver card but also analyse the tachograph data.

There are many systems out there for this. Over our years of consulting, we have seen many different systems, some of which we have found to be more useful, informative & user-friendly than others.

Many operators we see are not receiving the necessary info from their systems. This is noticeably hindering their ability to meet the O Licence undertakings.

To support you fully, in an array of your o Licence, we can provide tachograph analysis system (through TruTac) that will meet your everyday needs, as well as enable in-depth investigation where necessary.

We can help with the set-up, identification of the required report & training on the system.

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