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Compliance System Setup

Over the years, we have experienced that many operations face similar challenges and shortcomings – big or small – for similar reasons. As a result, we have devised a range of our own systems and processes which we can introduce to help you manage your O licence compliance and – most importantly – to evidence your processes.

Prove It

A key question we are always asking is “Prove it”. How do you prove that you are conducting the procedures you say you are and that these are working effectively? Proof will be requested by the Traffic Commissioner, DVSA and other enforcement bodies, industry accreditations and standards, and in civil or criminal courts, if called.

Our Systems

Our compliance systems focus on documenting what you actually do and forming a closed loop system. They cover all aspects of your O licence compliance, from vehicle maintenance, driver management, tachograph analysis, professional development and more.  We have installed these systems in a range of businesses with a range of challenges: from those that had no systems at all and were not sure where to start, to those that had no evidence to prove the activities they were already doing, and those that needed to make some improvements to their systems to achieve industry recognised accreditations.

Not only should these systems help you to evidence your management systems, they should also enable you to readily identify any areas for improvement so that you can react to this quickly and smoothly, to nip them in the bud. These are well-practiced systems that we are proud to have seen benefit many operations by providing them with a foundation to continuously build on. Our systems focus on internal traceability and accountability which should not only assist you if you are called in front of the Traffic Commissioner but also support your defence if you are ever called to a civil or criminal hearing.

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