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As a leading provider of comprehensive transport solutions, we understand the complex challenges that operators face in today’s rapidly evolving industry. Our Expert Witness services are designed to assist operators in legal matters surrounding regulatory compliance and operational best practice. Using our knowledge and expertise, we aim to support operators in achieving fair outcomes, providing an independent perspective to support your operation.

Our Approach to Expert Witness Services

At A S Miles Consulting, we recognise the critical role that Expert Witnesses play in legal proceedings. Our team comprises highly experienced transport consultants with deep industry insights and a track record of success in various legal contexts. We specialise in offering expert testimony and providing objective, well-founded opinions based on our vast industry knowledge.

Areas of Expertise

Our Expert Witness services cater specifically to operators, or companies that hold Operator’s Licences, across the transport sector. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Regulatory Compliance

We assist operators in understanding and complying with the complex web of regulations governing the transport industry. Our expert consultants are well-versed in the latest legislation, including operator licensing requirements, vehicle standards, driver regulations, and more.

Health and Safety

Safety is paramount in the transport industry, and our team excels in providing expert testimony on matters related to health and safety compliance. We can offer insights into risk assessment, accident investigation, safety management systems, and the implementation of best practices.

Driver Behaviour and Training

Our consultants have a deep understanding of driver behaviour and training methodologies. We can provide expert opinions on driver training programs, driver competence assessments, and driver behaviour analysis, helping operators optimise their workforce and reduce risks.

Operations and Fleet Management

Effective management of the O licence is crucial for the success of any transport operation. Our experts can offer valuable insights into management practices, vehicle maintenance protocols, logistics optimisation, and technology integration.


Why Choose Our Expert Witness Services

Choosing our Expert Witness services for your operator needs offers several key benefits:

Industry Experience

Our consultants have extensive experience working with operators across a variety of transport businesses. They possess a deep understanding of the challenges unique to the industry, ensuring that their expert opinions provided are relevant, reliable, and valuable.

Unbiased and Objective Opinions

We prioritise objectivity in our Expert Witness services. Our consultants approach each case with impartiality, conducting thorough research and analysis to offer well-founded opinions that can withstand scrutiny in legal proceedings.

Comprehensive Support

Our services extend beyond providing expert testimony. We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to the preparation of reports and presentation of evidence. Our goal is to equip operators with the tools they need to navigate legal complexities successfully.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every operator and every case is unique and require tailored solutions. Our team works closely with clients and their legal team to understand their specific needs and customise our services accordingly, ensuring a personalised approach.

Proven Track Record

Our consultancy has a proven track record of success, having delivered positive outcomes for operators in a range of legal contexts, both in the UK and in Europe. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide expert witness services that make a tangible difference in our clients’ cases.

Examples of previous requests:

  • Methods Used by Police for Speed Detection
  • Fitting of AdBlue Emulators to Vehicles
  • Transport Regulatory Compliance
  • Road Traffic Collision Investigations
  • Tachograph and Drivers’ Hours
  • Smuggling Accusations in LGVs
  • Clandestine Entrance

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