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New / Variation Application

Whether you need grant of a new O licence, an O licence in a different region or want to vary your existing O licence, get it right the first time. This saves time, energy, money and potentially reduces implications to your customers. With any application, you must give the Traffic Commissioner all relevant documents and evidence that the O licence will be managed safely and effectively. If not, you may be called in front of the Traffic Commissioner or the application may be refused. This costs time, energy and money, and may have negative impacts on the service you can provide to your customers.

Why Might You Be Making an Application?

To add a new operating centre – this may be a variation, or you may require a new O licence if the site is in a different Traffic Area to where your current licence covers.

Increase your authority for vehicles or trailers.

A change in work activities – for example, if you wish to conduct international work but currently have a standard national licence.

A change in Transport Manager – you must submit an application for a new Transport Manager to be nominated on your O licence.

New business – you have not previously had an O licence but now require one. This may be that you are a new business, or that your work activities have changed.

Previous revocation – if you have previously had an O licence revoked, and wish to have one again, a new application must be submitted

How Can We Help?

Often, we have seen applications face challenges where there was either insufficient evidence provided to the Traffic Commissioner, or it is a complex application and the aim of the application has not been clearly communicated. Such communication issues may result in a significant delay to receive the decision, the O licence being called to Public Inquiry to discuss the concerns or even the application being refused. Significant or complex applications, without adequate explanation of how you have been operating up to this point, may also trigger further enquiries by the Traffic Commissioner and DVSA, again delaying any decision.

We are experienced in supporting operations to avoid these challenges as much as possible and achieve the desired outcome. We can assist you throughout the application process to ensure you provide all the necessary information to the Traffic Commissioner.

We can review or draft any covering letter and communications you wish to make to help the application run smoothly, prepare you by posing the questions that, from our experience, we believe the Traffic Commissioner may have so that you can give them the answers before they ask, and ensure you are making the right application for what you want to achieve.

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