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If you’re acquiring a business that holds & requires an O Licence, make sure you understand the position of the O Licence.

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What challenges may it include

  • Any ongoing enforcement action, likelihood of action in near future immediate areas for improvement.
  • Audit the operation make recommendations on benefits & concern of acquiring help you plan for most likely outcomes / future so you know the the story that you may be taking on


Private Equity

Whether you are looking to build a portfolio of businesses within the transport, distribution or logistics sector or a business that has a transport & distribution operation within it, it is vital to the value of your investments that you understand the level of regulatory compliance with respect to the Operator License.

After all, a road-haulage business with no due to regulatory action is a fine sale.

Getting it wrong, as we have seen before, can be costly.

The dangers of getting it wrong

  • Loss of operations licence of the business
  • Loss of repute or disqualification to the Directors of the business
  • Negative impact on the ability to puchase any business holding an O Licence
  • Investors loss of confidence of P.E business
  • Share price impacted


What we can do and have done before

Our team of ISO9001:2015 qualified Lead Audits with many years of expertise at carrying our Regulatory Compliance Audits can carry out a full audit on the transport & O Licence compliance of the business either as a pre-condition of prevention or as soon as you own it to give you a detailed report so that you …???

  • The risks in the business
  • Recommit on how to fine them
  • A 12-18 month business import action plan to build on your investment

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