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Public Inquiry

Getting a ‘Call in’ letter from the Traffic Commissioners Office can occur for a number of reasons.

These can be:

  • New Operator Licence application
  • Application to vary an existing Operator Licence
  • Regulatory Sanctions


When you receive one of these the correct and prompt action is vitally important. An operator has only a limited time to take action, prepare and respond to this situation.

Regulatory Compliance

When an Operator applies for an Operator’s Licence they sign an agreement that they will comply with a wide range of regulations and that they understand that failure to do so will lead them open to prosecution. These include but are not limited to,

  • Inspection and Maintenance systems
  • Construction and Use Regulations
  • Drivers hours’ regulations
  • Working Time Directives
  • Road Traffic and Road Transport Acts


An Operator who breaches these, as well as any other undertakings placed on their Licence can find themselves having action taken against them by the Police, DVSA, Traffic Commissioners or the Criminal Courts.

Other services

In addition to the above we are also able to provide other services to help support your Operation and protect your Licence.

These include:

  • Driver CPC Training
  • Fuel Efficient Driving / Safe Driving Training
  • Accident Investigation reports
  • FORS Audit preparation
  • Tachograph Analysis
  • Statement Taking
  • DVSA Earned Recognition preparation and audits


We also have access to Nationally recognized experts for:

  • Legal defence of Company Operators Licence
  • Motoring law specialists
  • Independent Auditors (where we have carried out Transport Consultancy work)
  • Nominated Transport Managers
  • Vehicle Telematics and Tracking

Be Safe, Compliant & Profitable

Let us help you tackle these and other challenges you face.