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A Manufacturing company in the West Midlands employing around 100 people with a Transport Operation used to deliver product direct to wholesalers nationwide. The transport operation, which employed 12 of the staff, was a vital part of the companies offering as they could take an order, manufacture it and ensure flexible delivery in 48 hours if necessary.

The company operated under a Restricted Operators Licence which was appropriate for their operation and did not require a qualified Transport Manager. However, due to a lack of an experienced Transport Manager, over time bad habits developed. There was not a simple to operate but robust system in place to ensure that the Drivers and the Operation remained fully compliant and, as a result of a random DVSA roadside check, the operation found themselves invited to a Public Inquiry.

A S Miles Consulting Ltd worked closely with the Client, their Legal Representatives and independent auditors to ensure that not only a robust defense case was built but more importantly the errors were corrected and systems were put in place to ensure no further issues will occur. Staff at all levels were trained on the correct systems, how to manage suppliers to the Transport operation, working together and how to identify problems and correct them before they become a major issue.

The company had their O Licence suspended for 6 weeks and were required to have regular audits until the Traffic Commissioner was satisfied that they could show they had remained compliant.

Additionally, they have found the fleet maintenance costs have reduced, tyre costs have dropped to one quarter of the previous levels and employee retention has increased. Their OCRS score is now climbing back towards Green in all aspects.

Restricted Operators Licence | Public Inquiry

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Case Study covering a manufacturing company in the West Midlands which found itself invited to a Public Inquiry as a result of a random DVSA roadside check.

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