Public Inquiries, Driver Conduct Hearings and Court Cases

It is never a good feeling to have the calling in bundle or Court Summons drop through the letterbox but the quicker you take action the better in every case.

Our team of experienced Consultants, Compliance Officers and Trainers are experienced in helping you prepare for the Public Inquiry or Court Case. They appear in Public Inquiries, Magistrates Court and Crown Court on a regular basis to support you through the whole process.

Our Team will also work with you, your Transport Manager, your Drivers and your legal team to help them build your defence case.

If you do not have a legal team and are not sure who to speak to, we can help by recommending a number of firms that may best suit your needs. You can then speak to them and see which is best for you.

Before the Public Inquiry or Court case we will help you to make sure that you are as well prepared as you can be. On the day we will be there to ensure that you are supported, the Traffic Commissioner or the Court understand the work that has been done to fix any problems and how you intend to operate in the future.

be Safe, Compliant & Profitable

Let us help you tackle these and other challenges you face.